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Apr 7, 2010 7:00pm EDT
that is probably worth less money. in the hills of west virginia, greff strickin families want to know if that could have been avoided. precious lives of hard-working americans. we'll spend some time on both questions tonight. we'll take a close look at the safety record at the mine and take a look at whether the people who should have known better failed to raise alarms. we will share with you an exchange once unthinkable. former chairman alan green span is blamed for the seeds of the collapse. two different challenges yet the same key accountability question. did the government have enough evidence of bad, risky, reckless, even life threatening behavior yet failed to act. an important question and props a too painful lesson. the heart wrenching wait continues in raleigh county, west virginia. search and rescue teams still can't enter the mine. they can't enter because levels of poisonous gases are too high. four miners are still unaccounted for. each passing hour makes survivors in shafts filled with toxic gases less and less likely. more holes are being drilled into the hillside to
Apr 8, 2010 7:00pm EDT
developments at the scene of that west virginia mine explosion. we've heard precious little since search crews were ordered out of the mine this morning because of unsafe conditions. now officials have announced they'll hold a news conference during this hour to let us know if and when the rescue operation can resume. we will take you live to west virginia as soon as they start. >>> diplomatic immunity is a term you hear more in the movies than in real life. the more we learn about an incident on a united airlines flight with washington to denver last night, the more it sounds like bad fiction, except it isn't. a diplomat apparently decided the rules didn't apply to him despite what the flight attendants said and the signs in the bathroom say, he decided it was okay for him to have a cigarette. to make matters worse, when confronted, law enforcement sources say the diplomat made an offhand joke that included a reference to a shoe bomb. not funny. fighter jets were scrambled. denver and other airports were put on alert. in a moment we'll show you how all this played out and how you will probabl
Apr 9, 2010 7:00pm EDT
important to you, the president read a letter from one of the miners who died in west virginia, urging his girlfriend to take care of their baby if something happened to him. we spent a lot of time on the week of the safety problems upper big branch mine. if you listen to the president today and other politicians in past 24 hours or so, it is clear they realize now that the laws and the agencies designed to protect workers in one of our most dangerous industries failed here. the odds of a mir dmmiracle in virginia are dwindling. our october gation to follow the accountability trail is just beginning. >>> we're awaiting word on latest attempt to locate the four miners una-accounted for in raleigh county, west virginia. rescue teams trying to reach a second refuge chamber to see if the four were able to take cover. those teams reached one of the specifically equipped chambers earlier but found it empty. and then were forced to pull back because of smoke and toxic gases. 25 miners are confirmed dead. funerals for four of them were held today. at the white house, president obama said recent im
Apr 16, 2010 7:00pm EDT
a conservative that believes in our rights, our gun rights. >> john, my name is debbie from alexander, virginia, qualities i look for in a supreme court justice, honesty, someone who is strong and vote the right way. >> i don't think any of us would come out and say to you we have a formula for what the next membership looked like, just as long as the person is a capable, good person. >> intelligent, tolerant mind. we're seeing -- nothing wrong with transgenders. >> i believe we need a conservative woman you have to think yourself onthe room into the lives of the people whom these decisions will actually affect and you have to have a realistic imagine nation so you'll understand what the impact of this decision is going to be on those people. >> guy spending a lot 0 his reporting time on just who the president will make for the vacancy, senior white house correspondent ed rent hi. viewers have a split opinion, liberal conservative, where they live, what issue matters most. what's in your notebook? what is the president looking for? >> it's still early, think back to the track record of his firs
Apr 15, 2010 7:00pm EDT
her if that tragedy in west virginia should have been prevented. and in wall to wall tonight, the president's vision for nasa's future. the president says he'll be alive when americans land on mars, but he has many critics, as we give them their say too, we'll show how all of us benefit from the american space program. in our pulse tonight, the tea party movement. there are protests here in washington and across the country. i'll ask a leader of that movement, the former republican congressman dick armey how he sees the political future playing out in this election year. first, as always, a few observations. >>> it is tax day. always a good time to reflect on the price and the power of our government. there are tea party rallies as we noted from coast to coast including right here in the capitol. tea is taxed enough already. as we listen to the frustration, we'll ask tonight if this protest movement has what it takes to evolve into a political force. first, we'll tackle two tragedies and questions about whether the government is using its power wisely. no is the answer two le
Apr 19, 2010 7:00pm EDT
the river to virginia to what organizers called a restore the constitution rally. it was held in national parkland along the potomac in virginia so that those attending could bring their firearms. it was an honest crowd and many were quick to label those as the fringe element. whatever you call them, their disaffection was very real. >> a pump shotgun. the primary i guess you call it home defense weapon. because with a shotgun, you can neutralize a threat, although i hope i never have to do that. what people miss is that obama has outpushed bush in, you know, kind of the disdain for the constitution. i think he's carried on the negative policies of bush. we are still overseas, and the president said that he was going to bring our troops home. and that has not happened. >> hillary clinton announced at the beginning of the year that she was going to work with the u.n. on the small arms treaty. so assuming that passes, they're going to find some way to -- to logistically get around the constitution to take away the right to bear arms. >> have you always felt that way in terms of frustration
Apr 21, 2010 7:00pm EDT
and republicans. one of the democrats was mark warner of virginia, a former businessman, i asked him to help me understand the political stakes in this debate. >> to your point that it's been 18 months since the collapse. put aside senator, governor, politician, if you were still a businessman or an average joe out there in america and 18 months later your congress had done zero, what would you do? >> i would be upset. i would say something doesn't feel right if we're still struggling, high unemployment and wall street is back with record profits. something doesn't feel right. there's a lot of reasons how we got there. guys, we hired you to fix it, if you don't fix it, we ought to fire you all and find a new group. >> is that one of the reasons, there's some discord that republicans are back at the negotiating table, do they worry that they'll fire them all if they don't get something done here? >> all the polling, the pew poll is astonishing on the level of incumbent sentiment. the issue is i'm impressed on how message he and the democrats are. the democrats, they passed the stimulus bill, it
Apr 22, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, land mass larger than the state of to west virginia deforested over the past decade, a sad statement there another one here if we look up into the mount everest region of nepal, 1990 here, 2007 here. look at the disappearing of the glaciers up here, one of the huge concerns of environmentalists as they mark earth day. again, just look at those images, then and now and that is only in the last 17 years. not all the news is bleak, pull out a little earth day 2010 postcard, the yellowstone fires, might remember those back in 1988, look at the devastation there now look at the pictures thriving there. and the bald eagle, once endangered is now off the endangered species list and beginning to thrive in this country. not all the news is bad. in some case, evidence of an environmental bounceback. we will leave the debit to you over whether al gore is right or he's wrong but on earth day today, interesting perspective from up above. >>> now when we come back, we will go one-on-one with the man you might call the odd man out in florida's senate race, the democratic candidate in a race dominat
Apr 26, 2010 7:00pm EDT
withstand the republican tide back in 2002. in 2008 he helped turn iowa and virginia obama blue. not bad for a south dakota boy whose dad was a sociology professor and his mom taught fifth grade. >>> i want to bring dana bash back into the conversation. we all get the e-mails, too, because we're trying to track them. one of the steps they've taken in recent days is a personal video appeal from the president himself. and listen who the president is trying to motivate saying, you were with me in 2008, don't sit out 2010. >> it will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, african-american, latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again. >> so when you run into the vulnerable democrats on capitol hill, do they think this operation has their back? do they want the president so invested? >> they'll take anything that they can get. historically last year when some of the vulnerable democrats who were conservatives were considering to vote for health care, this group, the president's group really smacked them and it caused some bad blood. but my ques
Apr 28, 2010 7:00pm EDT
in the gulf of mexico. >>> one-on-one tonight, tim kaine is the former democratic governor of virginia. he's in charge of the democrats' battle plan in what everyone expects will be a very bad year. he'll share that plan with us. >>> and among the items, laura bush is writing a memoir. she says on a trip to germany, the president and the first the president and the first family might have been poisoned. -- captions by vitac -- >>> broken government say term we use all too often. fractured politics is a term i find myself using more and more these days. there are big meaningful developments in both arenas tonight. a few words more on the senate opening final changes upon wall street. a big deal anyway, it may be a sign that democrats and republicans can do their business, instead of their partisan finger-pointing for a few days. and rumblings in debates. one shows the fracture in politics. it is florida's u.s. senate contest. sources tell me tonight that republican governor charlie crist will announce tomorrow he will not seek the gop nomination but will instead, run as an ind
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10